Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs 

Two Rivers, Alaska







"Dogs aren't just another species.  They are spirits that can guide us to the truth.  In order to be so guided it is necessary to be in the company of dogs, not just caring for them." (Al Stead)

* * * * * * * *

 An Inuit Legend

    Long ago, when the earth was young, the dog of a hunter died of old age.  The dog's owner had loved his dogs and always fed them and cared for them very well.  When the dog died his owner mourned his passing.

    Meanwhile, the dog of a second hunter died.  His owner hated his dogs, and always fed them poorly, neglected them and even beat and kicked them cruelly.  When this dog died his owner cursed his passing because it meant he had to pull the sled home himself.

    The two dogs met at the entrance to the spirit land, where they stopped to await the arrival of their masters.  The first dog waited in joyful anticipation of the day he could be reunited with the hunter who loved and cared for him so well.  The second dog waited in fear, trembling at the thought that the cruel hunter would do him additional harm.

    The two dogs made a pact among themselves.  Whenever a hunter who loved his dogs arrives at the entrance to the Spirit Land he is greeted with happy yips, lolling tongues and wildly wagging tails, and is given a fast and strong sled ride to the center of the Universe.  Whenever a hunter who starved and abused his dogs arrives at the entrance, he is greeted with snarls, snapping teeth and fierce growls and is driven away to wander aimlessly and alone across the barren wind swept icepack for all eternity.

* * * * *

This site is dedicated to those wonderful dogs who are waiting for me at the entrance to the Spirit Land, ready to whisk me away to the center of the universe.

Colleen - aka Collie the Collie

Lady - who was always a true lady.

Shunka the Wander Mutt

Good Ol' Jake

Sheenjek, the Magnificent Mega-mutt

Gump - One of the Last of the historical Indian dogs

Monte, who will always remain a puppy in my heart