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Living History and Muzzleloading Sites

Nor' West Company (http://www.norwestcompany.com).  Nor' West Company is my own business in which I sell black powder and historically authentic goods and supplies for historical reenactors.

Alaska State Muzzle Loaders Association (http://www.akmuzzleloaders.org)  is a statewide organization that provides, encourages and actively supports a direct and continuing means for responsible use, ownership, collection, trade, sale and display of muzzle loading firearms and all other associated items of historical and current interest.

Jim Kruse Custom Gunsmith (http://www.krusemuzzleloaders.com).  Custom muzzleloader gun builder living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Dog Mushing and Related Sites

Second Chance League (http://www.members.petfinder.org/~AK17/index.php) Sled dog rescue organization based in Fairbanks, Alaska.