Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs

Two Rivers, Alaska









Thank You for Your Support


    A lot of people have gone well out of their way to help us develop the Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs kennel and team.  It may be impossible to list them all, but here are a few of them. 

    -  Kimik Racing Kennels - Mike and Kim Green.  Mike and Kim have not only encouraged me to take up the sport of mushing to strive toward reaching our unique goal, but also provide discounted boarding for the team while I'm away at work.  Without their generosity and support I would have never been able to afford this endeavor.

    -  Edie Forest and Randy Dunbar - Edie and Randy demonstrated unlimited patience as they taught me how to drive and care for the sled dogs.  They are the best.

    -  Daisy Acres Kennel - Lynn Orbison.  Lynn Orbison is a mentor, a training partner, a collaborator and a compassionate human being who allows me to contribute toward the rescue of homeless sled dogs in spite of my difficult work and training schedules.  Lynn alway's asks the most important of all questions,  "What have you learned from your dogs today?"

-  Rogue Summit Kennels - Tammi and Manny Rego have been incredible supporters, loaning me dogs when my guys have needed some help, and giving me the very best lead dog I've ever driven.  They are wonderful neighbors and friends.

    -  SP Racing Kennel - Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore have been enthusiastic supporters of our little kennel, and frequently remind me that a small recreational team is nonetheless a real dog team, and not to be disparaged.  Their frequent advice and willingness to discuss new ideas is a true Godsend.

    -  Janece Rollet, CCB - Janece gave me my first dog as an adult, and has been gently and secretly guiding my education as an amateur gundog and pet trainer for many, many years.  She has been a full-hearted supporter of the Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs kennel from the "dreaming phase" on.  She generously provides her invaluable professional services as a behaviorist and trainer to my kennel and to the Daisy Acres sled-dog rescue operation pro-bono. 

  The very best extreme cold clothing and sleeping bags are manufactured in the USA by Wiggy's, who sponsored the Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs kennel with a most generous discount.  Thanks Wiggy, your help is greatly appreciated.